Monday, May 28, 2012

Information Blog for all you TTCevers......."Pre-Seed" is a MUST!!

Pre-Seed is a must for all you ttcevers out there!! its spendy but soo worth it!!

Here is some facts about it and what it is...enjoy...



What makes Pre-Seed different?

Safe for use by couples trying to conceive—Pre-Seed is the first lubricant ever allowed to make this statement. The safety of Pre-Seed for sperm is supported by independent, published studies.
Woman Sperm Physiologist Dr. Joanna Ellington (Dr. E) invented this 'fertility-friendly' isotonic formula specifically to meet the need for safe lubrication when trying to get pregnant.
Pre-Seed comes with applicators to deposit the unique lubricant inside, where it can coat the vagina and external cervix and best mimic your own natural fluids in an optimal environment for sperm.

Where to buy it?!

Check for Pre-Seed next to the ovulation and pregnancy tests or with the other lubricant products!
Pre-Seed is available at Target, CVS, Duane Reader, and Walgreens

Or online at

Recent Magazine Mentions

Best-Selling Fertility Books | Clinical Textbooks | Dr. E in the News
Fire Up Your Fertility
Shape, November 2011
Shape magazine tells readers to “Check your lube.” They state that studies show water-based lubricants might damage sperm and make it harder for them to swim. Shape notes that the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends using a pH-friendly lubricant like Pre-Seed.
If You’re Knocking Boots in Order to Get Knocked Up…
Women’s Health, Jul/Aug 2011
For couples trying to conceive, the editors of Women’s Health recommend Pre-Seed: “Most lubricants (and even saliva) can be harmful to sperm. But Pre-Seed’s formula allows your guy’s swimmers to travel freely.”
Can Using Lube Make It Harder to Get Pregnant?
Redbook, May 2011
Dr. Hutcherson, ob/gyn and professor at Columbia University, writes in Redbook:
“…using a water-based lubricant can make it even harder. That said, there’s a lube called Pre-Seed that infertility specialists recommend, because it has been shown not to slow down sperm. Try that when you’re trying.”
Use a Sperm-Friendly Lubricant
Conceive, Spring/Summer 2011
Here’s what Conceive has to say out Pre-Seed: “Water, saliva and most commercial lubricants are all dangerous to sperm. So if your lovemaking needs a little less friction, try a sperm-friendly lubricant such as Pre-Seed.”
Are You Having Trouble Conceiving?
Fresh Vancouver, April 2011
Dr. Spence Pentland in his informative guide to understanding fertile fluids writes: “Use Pre-Seed sperm-friendly lubricant. It is the only lubricant on the market proven to mimic the composition and functions of a woman’s natural fertile pre-ovulatory cervical fluids.”
Pre~Seed Named as One of the TOP Ten Lubricants in April 2011
StorErotica Magazine, April 2011
Pre-Seed is listed as one of the top 10 best selling lubricants in the industry by the retailers’ StorErotica Magazine in their April 2011 Special Focus Edition.
The Right Lube Could Make Lovin’ More Lovable…
Fitness, April 2011
Here’s what Fitness magazine has to say about Pre~Seed: "Women trying to get pregnant should pick Pre~Seed Personal Lubricant… which won’t interfere with sperm movement, unlike other products, because of its pH."