Wednesday, May 16, 2012

day 1 & 2 of shots done.........

Started my Gonal F on Tuesday May 15th at 187.5 and today Wed May 16th i did 150.0 they wanted to fluctuate the difference each week because i over stimulated before, So Thursday will be 187.5 and then Friday Bloodwork/ hsg test...yippie skippie ""not""

Well today was a busy day...but good day!
what did i do?
1) grocery shopped
2) cleaned out part of the garage
3) helped hubby take the boat out of the garage
4) cleaned some of the boat out
5) made dinner

so it was a pretty great day!! Also im so excited to get the boat out! Last year it just sat in the garage all year long...didn't take it out at all last year :( sad times....But we are going to take it out soon!! ** i hope, fingers crossed **