Wednesday, November 30, 2011

random rants

So iv been pretty busy..and i enjoy being busy and spending time with my family! I need to finish cleaning however my back is killing so i'm sitting on the couch with ice on it...Hurts pretty I'm sitting here trying to relax and watch Grey's Antaomy because i love that show!

Spending the last 2 days with Blaze has made me relize i'm so ready to be a mom. Feeding and giving a bath and rocking and loving him. I can't wait till i get my turn to do that. I am very lucky to have 3 amazing nephews and 1 neice. I may not have a million dollar house, or a ton of money but i have the most amazing loving husband and we have all the love in the world and i want anything more then for us to be parents! I know January is getting closer and closer for us to start shots...But the question is will we have the money? I am stressing out about the money...i know money isn' evenything but when it comes to your hopes and dreams of becoming a mother and you need money to make that happens it will stress you out!!

I am very proud of my husband for doing everything in his power and will to make a 1$ at the moment.Work is slow... I could go back to work i'm sure alot of you are saying..just work teresa...i could...however is it work the stress? the 1 hour drive there and back? half your paycheck going towards gas? there is alot to it..if the job was closer even in winona i would take the job in a heartbeat...

Im pretty excited to start treatment again in Jan however i'm scared....

I am very excited for Christmas!! I can't wait to watch Blaze open his gifts he is such a happy little boy he makes everyone so happy. And Colton he will just be snuggled and loved by everyone he won't really understand christmas this year...but having them both here and home and healthy is a blessing!!!

Iv gained about 8lbs and my goal is to get it off by January 1st when i start my medication...and I WILL get this weight off..i'm going to try this new diet called the 17 day diet. Leo's mom and sister have been doing it and both have lost weight...So lets hope i wanna get back down to my lowest weight again and be healthy..I'm such a stress eatter i hate it...but i know i do it...

well have a good wed everyone!!