Saturday, November 26, 2011

ever just dread a day coming??

I HATE SUNDAYS!! i know that might be funny to hear but..i do i hate them...the reason i hate them is because it would of made me 1 more week closer to our due date i was suppose to be in my 2nd trimester today...i should have some cute ultrasound pictures to show people and have proudly hanging all over my house...but i don't and sundays remind me of that..remind me im not pregnant and i lost our child..sundays make me wanna just lay in bed and pretend i will be ok even though deep down i just wanna cry...this sunday isn't going to be any better...i'm going to have my in-laws thanksgiving..don't get me wront i love them to death and i'm very blessed with amazing in-laws however..i know over some part of the night something will be brought up..or they will tell me how sorry they are for me and that it will happen and they will keep praying..a person can only hear that so much.. i am doing better i am taking each day at a time...i will make it threw this...some days are harder then others like Sundays...But i know i have a beautiful baby watching over me... I know someday i will be a mom...and knowing the fact in 2 months we could be pregnant exciting but also scares the hell out of me... No one should have to have a mc/or lose a child to one!!!
Have a great Sunday... i will try to make the best out of mine..since i'm up maybe i will sleep half of it way..or maybe wake up to some yummy breakfast or just.........i dunno...........wish it to go away....