Monday, November 28, 2011

how did sunday go? fun Saturday..

I have/hate to admit but this Sunday wasn't as bad as i was dreading..Lol
Leo and i had a nice breakfast..came home was lazy..made some deviled eggs and was lazy some more and then went to his parents. That was Fun i guess..Jimmy and Helen are getting so big, Jimmy is starting to walk and say a few works he loves to go"moo" Helen tought him that one! Helen she is smart as a whip she picks up on anything! Also i feel sorry for her. Her dad is such a pain and yells at her for the dumbst things..Really, i mean he was yelling at her because she was done having dinner her belly was full and she wanted to play. He said she need to sit up and visit my god she is 3 years old not 13! It was great visiting with Jessica and June and Jim..

So i didn't get to blog about Saturday, But i went and seen Breaking Dawn with my sister Marie a very good movie!! We went to Green mill and had lunch and then did some xmas shopping..more window shopping then anything but thats always fun when you have good company with you. I enjoyed our talks and our many laughts we had.. I really enjoyed my weekend!

On to this weekday!

Going to Rochester with my momma here in a little while. Going to swing into my old work and grab a few things and say hi! Then back home. Tuesday get to watch Blaze man! He is always a joy to be around...and Wed i have a chirpractor appt with my granny so i will spend time with her. and Thursday and Friday not so sure yet!!

Have a great week everyone