Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Busy Tuesday.....

Today was a busy day! I watched Blaze man! From 11am till 8ish.It was fun, We had a yummy lunch and he took 2 great naps..he ate a ton of dinner, took a bath and played and player and played..He is so fun and funny!I also helped my mom out and cleaned some of the frontroom and did dishes. I love being around him! I also got to squeez in some snuggle time with Colton before he left to go visit greatgrandma today. I was kinda of crabby and stressed leo is going on his 2nd week of no is tight as it is...but he is doing the best he can do and he is been busy around the house...I wish money would grow on trees..or i wish life would give us a break...because im tired of how things go sometimes...but yet you have these rich snobby people who don't need all there makes me sick...ugh anywho...this is going to be short..
have a good night will write more on Wed..