Friday, November 25, 2011

Let go back..........way back...

June 19th 2004 in Theilman,Minnesota Leo and I got married it was such a beautiful day and we got to share it with so many special people.
Then we went onto our week long honeymoon to Duluth, that was soo fun and relaxing!
Like most married couples we start thinking about a family. We wanted to be parents so bad. We were happy in love and just wanted everyone to be perfect.. We knew we would have a long road ahead of us TTC(trying to conceice) I was dignosed with pcos(Polycystic ovary syndrome) back in jr high. I didn't have regular periods and that equals to no ovulation at all or only a slim chance to ovulate..But we tryed it all natural no medications or doctors for about 6 months..well nothing was happening. No ovulation no positive pregnancy test nothing...we were in a rut..and didn't know what to do... So i went to my regular doc and she put me on clomid witch is suppose to help you ovulate well heck it did nothing for me besides made me moody. Then i was put on Clomid and Metformin and i gained alot of weight my body didn't react very well with the metformin so i got of that.. after about 4 rounds of clomid nothing happened so we just took a break. After that i decided to go to mayo and talk to a fertility doctor and see what she said. (this was about a year later after we did the 4 rounds of clomid) Well she ran many test and all came back to pcos no ovulation blah blah everything i pretty much new she wanted to try clomid again but on a higher dose we go again.. 3 rounds of clomid and nothing... besides negative pregnancy test! It was hopeless it felt like nothing was going to work.. Then she mention gastric bypass..haha i said i don't need gastric bypass i'm fine i'm happy im healthy i have no health problems besides pcos... but i did as she said and went and seen a gastric bypass doctor... and i decide ok i will get this surgery done because it will up my chances of getting pregnant...even though i didn't wanna do it at first i was 100% against it... i didn't think i needed it..but looking back i was soo blind at how heavy and how much weight i have gained threw out the years..i just didn't want to admit that i needed help with my weight...well To get gastric bypass there are many test you have to get done a also, a 6 week weight loss course you have to take and many i mean many appt after appts..Then i got my approval letter from my insurance and then a date was set Jan 29th of 2010 i got my rny done. It was amazing besides all the complications ect...but almost 2 years later and i went for 289 to 165 and i love life i feel amazing......So... at my 1 year post op gastric bypass appt they told me i was ok to start trying again...Boy was i excited!!!!!! I though i lost all this weight things are going to go according to plain were going to get pregnant right away....well that was a slap in the face....we tried and tried and tried for about hummm 4 months and nothing again!! I mean what the heck can i do now? i'm healhy and my body is still broken...Boy was i frustrated and angry...So back to the fertility doctor we go...we did 2 months of clomid and it didn't work...So what now?? Bigge and better and more exspensive fertility drugs we decussued ivf, iui, timed intercourse, well...needless to say everything costed money besides the timed intercourse..haha but we also need some fertility meds to help us she gave us perscriptions for gondatropin so we decided to go and get this filled....until she said insuance didnt cover it and it was 3000$ WTH how was i going to randomally pull 3000$ out of my butt? for not were stuck how are we going to come up with much money? I talked with the doctor and they gave us some wonderfull tips and websites were we can get our medication cheaper.. but also you can fill out a form and if  you qualify you might get one month of medication for free...FREE!! That is what i like to hear so i went home filled out the paper boy they need to know my whole life story and then some...about 3 weeks later we got APROVED for a free month of treatment!!! i was soo excited!! Onto the next blog...The month of doctor appt and shots!