Friday, November 25, 2011

Doctors appts and shots!!

We got our 1 month of free medication in my hand and i was soo excited... i started my pills that gave me a period and on day 1 of my cycle i called my nurse and i had to come in for blood work and an us to make sure my body was doing what it was suppose to do.. well everything looked great...still had a few cyst on my ovaries...but that's normal for someone who has they said call back on day 3 of my cycle so i did..and they started me on 150 for my shots did 3 days of that...then back for blood body wasn't really reacting very well to the medication so they upped it to 165 did a few days of that then did more blood work and us things were looking better still didn't have any mature eggs and that was about 6 days into shots then they upped to 185.5 did 4 days of that and was in and out of the doctor many of times for us and blood work i finally had 1 mature egg and that was exciting... but the sucky part was i was almost of shots and they wanted me to do 2 more days of 185.5 and that would of cost us just darn near 600$ for them 2 shots but i did end up doing a 75 unit and a 75 until and that made everything ok...but wish i had that extra money to do them other 2 full days...but doctor was happy with how everything was looking...yes 11 days of shots DONE...but i had to do one more and that was my ovadril shot it helps stimulate the i did that and then leo and i went on a min work/vacation he worked i r-n-r...then after  you take your ovadrill shot you have timed intercourse 12hrs and 36hours later...then take a home pregnacy test 2 weeks later....and boy that 2 weeks lasted a lifetime!!