Friday, March 8, 2013

random blog....shaving and pregnancy......

Ok as im almost 26 weeks pregnant, and my belly have really popped out is has been getting hard and harder to shave!! like i can't see much past my lord knows it probably looks horrible the rest of the way..i know tmi...but shaving after you can't see your vjj should be a rule when your pregnant!! its kinda dangerous! lol..I know its March and we have a bunch of snow on the ground..why am i shaving?!? because it just makes a woman feel good ...or at least it did before you couldn't see what the heck you were doing...also my balance is off since my belly is bigger i almost tipped over like 4 times!!!!!! Just to think im going to be 7 1/2-8-9 months pregnant in the spring and summer and im going to have to shave my legs like every day or every other day!! oh lordy lordy lordy...I think my plan is to stay in the house with the ac turned up with sweatpants on until she arrives!! Lol Jjk!!
So anywho..Just kind of a funny mornining..had to laugh about it and to my self!!