Tuesday, March 12, 2013

26 weeks pregnant and 1 day...

wow, where has time gone!! only a few months away until my due date!! things have been going great

I had a doctors apt last week for my gestation diabetes test..and passed it with flying colors!! i was really happy about that, also babys heartbeat sound perfect and my iron levels were great! So far my pregnancy has been going good..besides the bad, bad, bad insomnia! and leg cramps! I would love to get more then 3 1/2-5hrs of sleep at night..but i guess my body will be ready when Tori comes! We are finally done registery..we are registred at babies r us and target.. we have been slowly working on her room...can't wait to get it painted and her crib put up..but that will still be awhile...My husband has been so wonderful and helping me clean, and de clutter the house and get things organized..hes a pretty awsome guy! i got pretty lucky to have a great husband! I got to spend the day with my mom last friday and that was so much fun, went shopping and out for lunch, and just had a great girls day!! starting next month i will be going to the doctors every 2 weeks, then in may every week..i can't wait to see my baby girl! my emotions have been kinda crazy a big stresser..i stress about every little tiny thing!! i wish i didn't..but thats how i am.. 
Tori is a little mover and groover..she kicks and punches and makes my whole belly move.. I love it! Im going to miss it when she is here..but ready to get back into my clothes, and ready to exercise again!! yes i can't wait to walk..and get back to the gym...also im so sick of winter!!!!!!! well i didn't get my picture yet..but when i do i iwll post it!!