Tuesday, March 19, 2013

27 weeks...

Hello last week of 2nd trimester!!!!

eeeek..i can't belive that my 3rd trimester is right around the corner!! Next monday i will welcome 3rd trimester with open arms!! 
Things have been going pretty good..for the most part...Im tired all the time... i have been getting more heartburn..and i can't eat as much...between having gastric bypass and Tori is squishing everything!! LOL at dinner i will make this nice dinner and sit down with Leo and eat..and im full in like 2 min and he has barely even started to eat..and i don't want to leave the table because i love sitting at the table and talking with distractions just him and i nothing its so nice!
My boobs are killing me..i swear they are growing over night lol! i had to get me some new bras, because im growing out of everything!! I feel like shes way up in my belly..i look like im carrying high.. she still moves alot and the kicks are getting alot stronger and some hurt.. But i love watching my belly move its kinda funny sometimes looks like shes doing some major flip flops in there..My next apt is coming up in a few weeks.. and we start working on my birth plan... crazy..i can't belive she will be here in or around 13 weeks!!

Here is my 26 weeks and 5 day belly pic