Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reality has kicked in.....

We have roughly 12 weeks and 4 days until my Tori arrives, give or take a few days..i know it seems like a long time..but it really isn't..exspecailly when the warm weather comes we will be busy.. But we have NOTHING ready for her! so i think we will be crunching to get her room done. I know it will get done..but just pushing time! We have to clean out her room, finish one of the walls, put in a few outlits, paint, put her crib up, and her changing table, ect... but i have faith in my husband and family and i know it will get done..
Im getting huge!! and very uncomforatable..its hard for me to walk a long time because my body gets so hips have been bothering me alot iv been going to the chiropractor and thats been helping..i have my belly belt on sometimes i need to wear it more..but i won't wear it out in public because it makes my belly stick out and i look horriable!! lol
We have a busy month ahead of us..kind of looking forward to being busy..but also kinda looking forwrad to a decent night of sleep sometime also...