Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello 3rd Trimester (28 weeks)

28 weeks pregnant with our baby girl!

Wow, what can i say time is flying!! Seems like we just found out we were pregnant and i was so scared that something was going to happen. Each week was a milestone for us, heck each day ws a day closer to hear a heartbeat, one day closer to feel flutters, one day closer to feel kicks, one day closer to feel a jab in the rib Lol ! Its so amazing how you love someone so much you have not even met yet. She truly is my world and i can't wait till Leo and i can hold her and see her and just start our beautiful family! I thank God every day for this little Girl! She is truly a blessing and a miracle! She might never know how much she means to her mommy and daddy...well her whole family really!

Well what haven we done to prepare for Tori? Ummm.... Nothing....we have clothes for her... thats pretty much it.. so at least we know she won't be naked..Lol.. Im hoping and praying that things will start to pick up and maybe some family and friends will pitch in and help us finish the baby room.. Leo can only do so much as he works alot mon-fri..and well i can only do so much being pregnant and exahusted all the time. We need to pretty much transform my entire laundry/computer room into a babyroom!! i mean we need to put in a few  electric outlits..and paint and put up her crib and do all that other fun of now.. im stressed that nothing is going to get done.. I feel like my poor husband has the world on his shoulders and he is trying so so hard..but like i said..hes only one person and can only do so so greatfull for everything has done i could have not asked for a better husband..He truly is amazing.. and with me getting further along my energy comes and goes in spurts..i try my hardest i really do to get stuff done..but when your running on litterly 3-4 hours a night of sleep when you wake up your tired!! but i push myself..and i push myself..and i push myself to get stuff done..because if i don't..i know i will feel worthless and helpless..i don't want everything on leo's shoulders i want to be able to help... but somedays i just can't do it.. I just can't do everything i want to do anymore..i wanna do so much.. but i can't.. i miss my nephews so much..but its so hard for me to pick them up and i get so wore out with them..i love them little boys so much!! Thats why its nice to visit them when someone else is around anymore because i just can't do it alone..i would love for them to stay the night but only weekends work best because leo can help.. i never knew how hard pregnacy was on your body until now.. i love it and hate it all at the same time..i know i shouldn't hate it..but danr it somedays are hard.. its hard when you have to get up at 2:30-300am in the morning to take a hot bath because your hips hurt so bad you can't sleep! its hard when you want to do so much and your use to doing so much and you can't and you feel like your letting all your friends and family down and you feel like a faliure in life..ok...onto other stuff!! enough pitty party!!
My weekends are booking up fast! i love busy weekends :) Here is what is going on in my world :)

March 31st -Easter at our house
April 2nd-Taking my grams to the eye doctor
April 5th-My doctors apt
April 7th-In-Laws Easter Dinner
Apirl 13th-Baby Shower
Apri 17th-Doc apt with mom
April 25th- Breastfeeding Class
April 27th-Child birth class

And i know some where inbetween there will be another doctors apt for me..since were going to be going every 2 weeks now~

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reality has kicked in.....

We have roughly 12 weeks and 4 days until my Tori arrives, give or take a few days..i know it seems like a long time..but it really isn't..exspecailly when the warm weather comes we will be busy.. But we have NOTHING ready for her! so i think we will be crunching to get her room done. I know it will get done..but just pushing time! We have to clean out her room, finish one of the walls, put in a few outlits, paint, put her crib up, and her changing table, ect... but i have faith in my husband and family and i know it will get done..
Im getting huge!! and very uncomforatable..its hard for me to walk a long time because my body gets so hips have been bothering me alot iv been going to the chiropractor and thats been helping..i have my belly belt on sometimes i need to wear it more..but i won't wear it out in public because it makes my belly stick out and i look horriable!! lol
We have a busy month ahead of us..kind of looking forward to being busy..but also kinda looking forwrad to a decent night of sleep sometime also...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

27 weeks...

Hello last week of 2nd trimester!!!!

eeeek..i can't belive that my 3rd trimester is right around the corner!! Next monday i will welcome 3rd trimester with open arms!! 
Things have been going pretty good..for the most part...Im tired all the time... i have been getting more heartburn..and i can't eat as much...between having gastric bypass and Tori is squishing everything!! LOL at dinner i will make this nice dinner and sit down with Leo and eat..and im full in like 2 min and he has barely even started to eat..and i don't want to leave the table because i love sitting at the table and talking with distractions just him and i nothing its so nice!
My boobs are killing me..i swear they are growing over night lol! i had to get me some new bras, because im growing out of everything!! I feel like shes way up in my belly..i look like im carrying high.. she still moves alot and the kicks are getting alot stronger and some hurt.. But i love watching my belly move its kinda funny sometimes looks like shes doing some major flip flops in there..My next apt is coming up in a few weeks.. and we start working on my birth plan... crazy..i can't belive she will be here in or around 13 weeks!!

Here is my 26 weeks and 5 day belly pic

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

26 weeks pregnant and 1 day...

wow, where has time gone!! only a few months away until my due date!! things have been going great

I had a doctors apt last week for my gestation diabetes test..and passed it with flying colors!! i was really happy about that, also babys heartbeat sound perfect and my iron levels were great! So far my pregnancy has been going good..besides the bad, bad, bad insomnia! and leg cramps! I would love to get more then 3 1/2-5hrs of sleep at night..but i guess my body will be ready when Tori comes! We are finally done registery..we are registred at babies r us and target.. we have been slowly working on her room...can't wait to get it painted and her crib put up..but that will still be awhile...My husband has been so wonderful and helping me clean, and de clutter the house and get things organized..hes a pretty awsome guy! i got pretty lucky to have a great husband! I got to spend the day with my mom last friday and that was so much fun, went shopping and out for lunch, and just had a great girls day!! starting next month i will be going to the doctors every 2 weeks, then in may every week..i can't wait to see my baby girl! my emotions have been kinda crazy a big stresser..i stress about every little tiny thing!! i wish i didn't..but thats how i am.. 
Tori is a little mover and groover..she kicks and punches and makes my whole belly move.. I love it! Im going to miss it when she is here..but ready to get back into my clothes, and ready to exercise again!! yes i can't wait to walk..and get back to the gym...also im so sick of winter!!!!!!! well i didn't get my picture yet..but when i do i iwll post it!! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

random blog....shaving and pregnancy......

Ok as im almost 26 weeks pregnant, and my belly have really popped out is has been getting hard and harder to shave!! like i can't see much past my lord knows it probably looks horrible the rest of the way..i know tmi...but shaving after you can't see your vjj should be a rule when your pregnant!! its kinda dangerous! lol..I know its March and we have a bunch of snow on the ground..why am i shaving?!? because it just makes a woman feel good ...or at least it did before you couldn't see what the heck you were doing...also my balance is off since my belly is bigger i almost tipped over like 4 times!!!!!! Just to think im going to be 7 1/2-8-9 months pregnant in the spring and summer and im going to have to shave my legs like every day or every other day!! oh lordy lordy lordy...I think my plan is to stay in the house with the ac turned up with sweatpants on until she arrives!! Lol Jjk!!
So anywho..Just kind of a funny mornining..had to laugh about it and to my self!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I can't rememer if i have posted any ulrasound pictures or not!

7 weeks 1 das
a ton of ultrasound pictures! 22 weeks

19 weeks

24/25 weeks pregnant

24 WEEKS                    25 weeks 2 days

Ok This is going to be kinda short..Nothing has really changed..Tori moves all the time! I have to pee all the time..and i can sleep worth darn! Iv gained around 20lbs..Some days i have more energy then others! I can't wait to start on the nursery. I hope its soon! We have a little less then 15 weeks until my estimated due date...My baby shower is next month! Im so very excited about it! I can't wait to see all my friends and family and just have a good time!!! Tori will be spoiled..she already is! Leo and i Love her so much! My favorite part of the night is..when leo and i are laying in bed watching my belly move and he puts his hand on my belly and feels her move.. its priceless! I think shes going to be a daddys girl! Thats ok :) She has a great daddy!! My hips have been hurting alot, im going to try to get into the chiropractor more often and see if that helps! Also, iv had a hard time eating meat..Not a fan of it..i feel like im going to gain a million pounds because we alot of pasta! I need to get out of that habbit/craving or whatever it is... I go this Friday to take my gestation diabetes test hopefully that turns out pretty good. Mom is going with me then were going to have lunch and finish up my target registery..and maybe do shopping..hard telling with us! Hopefully the weather is nice! I am in maternity clothes..pants and shirts..i think my boobs are going to be gigantic before she arrives! Lol!! I haven't felt sick at all...Thank god..just more tired then normal..but heck when you only get like 5 hrs of sleep in 2 days i think anyone would be tired!! Well.........thats it for now!! :) i will write again this weekend after my doctors apt!!

~*~* ALSO~*~*~

I have so many pcos/and infertility friends who just got there 1st bfp! and a few of my other friends who are pregnant! Im so so happy for each and every single one of you!!