Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few days after Christmas...and im lazy!!

Wow!! Christmas has came and gone!! How crazy..time is flying!! Monday we will be 16 weeks!!
How was everyone Christmas? Ours was Christmas was busy!
Sunday went to my stepdads side of the family
Monday went to the in laws had dinner, and open gifts and went to church service
Tuesday went to my moms..had tons of presents to open the little boys got spoiled!! but it was a blast to watch them open the gifts they opened..they got side tracked by toys and toys and more toys!
I had the best Christmas present ever..and that's the wonderful miracle growing inside of me! what a blessing it is!! and a wonderful gift! I got a bunch of gift cards..they are needed because im growing out of my clothes!! Baby got his/or/her first pair of John deer Socks and tractor and a bear that plays music
I took my tree down the night of xmas...yes i was sick of looking at it and my cats were going to destroy it..Now i have so much cleaning to do its soo soo so overwhelming!! I wanna scream!! EEEK!!
but today was L.A.Z.Y day for me..i know i had alot to do..but i need it..i was tired, and overwhelmed..and i even took and hr and half nap...Baby is surly taking alot out of momma!! But thats ok..Im blessed to have a wonderful family and husband who help me out... Even though i feel like a failure as a wife sometimes because i just don't have energy to do anything yet..but my husband is so truly blessed!
1 goal i have for 2013 is to start going to church more..i love our church and i want our child to grow up with god in his/or/her life!!
Going to church just makes you feel so much better!!

well here are some pictures of this weekend :) Enjoy!

Baby Bear from grandma/grandpa Newman

John Deer Socks & Tractor from Grandpa/Grandma Himle

Christmas Day with my favorite christmas gift!

15 weeks pregnant