Friday, December 21, 2012


15 weeks are just around the corner...things seem to be going good...
Iv been stressing out alot, worrying about losing, or im going to wake up and there is going to be no scared i want my baby to keep growing and i want him/or/her to go full term and be happy and healthy. Im tired all the time..i drink a cup of water and pee 10X in an hour lol... I can't keep up on the house work, because im so tired...Iv been having alot of pressure in the pelvic area when im up on my feet to much and im worried something might go wrong, or something is going wrong. Im craving sweets like crazy but if i eat to many i get sick..So that comes to I will be happy when Holidays are done and over with, no more cookies, cakes, fudges ect..i feel like a gigantic house..its just a mind thing i know..but after being almost 300lbs then dropping down to 160 and then getting up to 175 and now your a little over 185..YIKES!!!!!!!! i feel like a fatty :-/
I also feel like im not doing enough for my husband and or family. I feel like im not a good wife sometimes i feel like a crabby grumpy witchy wife..and i feel like i don't watch my nephews enough when needed or help my family when needed...
I think my body HATES to be pregnant!!! Iv always been an outgoing bubbly fun to be around person..and now i wanna sleep and have no energy and crabby and just..BLAH!
I am blessed 1billion% to be pregnant with this baby i will do anything for him or her..I just feel like all these crazy hormones are making me a horrible person to be around... Maybe its just me...i dunno!!

pregnancy photo