Tuesday, December 18, 2012

14 weeks (yesterday)

14 weeks (yesterday) everything seems to be going is growing, im growing lol! Its pretty easy to find the hb on my doppler now its so neat because its so loud sometimes and you can hear baby moving and grooving around! Can't wait to start feeling baby move!

My only concern and worrisome is

yesterday i went to my regular doc for what i thought i had a yeast infection (didn't have one) and she did a urine test just to make sure everything was ok...she told me that i had sugar in my urine and alot of it my number was above 500!!! she said it should be at a zero!! So i got home (moms house) and cried because i was worried..and called my nurse last night no answer..called this morning no answer..left messages both times..and still no call back! what the heck?!? so at 14 weeks i may or may not have gestational diabets? im not sure..just know that sugar spilling out in your urine is NOT OK! then i took my blood sugar after dinner last night it was 177 and this morning it was 84 but my sister told me to check it an hr after i we will see what it says then! Im just hoping and praying the doctor or nurse will call me back SOON!!

14 weeks