Monday, December 10, 2012

2nd trimester...Helloooo 13 weeks :)

WOW!! after 8 long years of trying and 1 mc..i can't believe im finally saying..HELLO 2ND TRIMESTER!!!
Where has the time gone? 13 weeks already! Im am so happy!!
so whats been going on'
My belly is growing and so are my boobs..yeah there gigantic!! they were so sore the other night i had cold water bottles sitting on them..haven't been sick in almost a week..** knock on wood ** Everything seems to be going pretty good..i have the every day growing pains..and a lack of sleep! but i will take it all!!!
I am truly blessed, and so excited!!!
Jan 17th we have our next doctors appt the big one..will it be a boy or girl?!? however...were having a gender revel party on the 19th so we won't know until then! Just want to spend that special moment with our friends and family!! Im excited!! Im  thinking baby is a girl!! :)
Either way im fine with it!!

Here is my 13 week picture...i look like crap..but wanted to get a cute picture in the snow :)