Friday, August 31, 2012

Im going to try...........

Im going to try and make the best out of today and the rest of the weekend
I take a pg test next week if its positive yippie if not then i will suck it up and move on to the next round of medication..i mean 1 more round isn't going to kill me..haha...i try not to be negative but sometimes i am..its hard.. especially when every person you know has a child but you! I would love to join the gym but i can't fork out 300$ i mean i have the money is savings but im not willing to take that out and use it towards a gym at my highest weight again 175! yikes!!! i feel and look like a blob :( my lowest every was 164/5- i would love to get down to at least 165 again..thats 10lbs i gotta get off ok..sounds easy enough right..WRONG because these flippen ten lbs don't wanna come off!! I did talk with a trainer but iv been thinking about it if i wanna do it or not...i have the tools i just need to push myself to do it...i need to walk/jog every day and eat right..iv done it before i can do it again..ugh..seems so easy but its not!!
so my small goals

drop 3lbs
walk every day even if its only 20min
do 30 sit-ups every day
drink alot more water
drink my 2 protein shakes a day
stay away from as many carbs as possible
stay away from candy/junk food
stay away from adult beverages

i can do this........................i think!!..................................


Megan said...

The only person that can motivate you to lose the weight is yourself! After I had my son I had gained 100lbs, I was at 204lbs, the heaviest I had EVER been. I am short, so I was literally the same wide as I was tall. You don't have to have a gym membership to lose weight and unless you are going to a personal trainer, a gym membership is a waste of money, to be honest. You can work out from home, using water bottles or milk jugs as weights. I would suggest walking, then jogging to help with Cardio and doing some strength training as well. I lost the majority of my weight while training for a 5k - You can do this! Will it be easy..HELL NO! Especially with the Holidays just around the corner, but I know you can do it! If you need any help, just let me know, I've been there :)

Teresa Newman said...

Hey thank you for the nice comment!! any tips would be amazing or any info!! these 10-15lbs are kicking my butt and just wont come off!! ugh frustrating!!