Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 1 of femera....

Hello everyone!! Yesterday was day 1 of femera..and i took it at night ...and i felt fine no side-effects so lets hope day to is just as easy :) I have a good feeling about this hoping and praying that the feeling stays! Im doing everything i can do, eat healthy taking my medication, exercising, i feel good! Fingers crossed that this is our month!! and if it is that baby bean sticks!! So this is what things look like

  • Monday-2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin
  • Tuesday- 2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin
  • Wednesday- 2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin
  • Thursday- 2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin
  • Friday- 2.5mg fermera & 850mg of metformin ((Last day of femera)
  • Saturday/Sunday/Monday hope follies grow, grown!
  • Tuesday-8:30am Folllicual ultrasound ((fingers crossed that i have 1 or 2 that are mature)), Doctor likes to see them at 18 or bigger that is what they consider mature!

~*~*~* On another Note~*~*~*
Please say a prayer for my friend GiGi, she is doing her 1st round of clomid this week and she has her 1st follicule us on Friday! So please keep her in  your prayers that she will get her bfp this month :)