Tuesday, May 21, 2013

36 weeks.... and counting...

Hello 36 weeks... we have 4 weeks to go!! Give or take...Hopefully give..because im so ready to meet this little bundle of joy!! plus this momma's hips are killing her along with back and well pretty much my whole body!! i know i should't complain because iv waited so long for this... but honeslty who wants a hurt body all the time?!? No one!
SO FAR....the muscle relaxing pills...are a no go..don't work wtih a iv still been dealing with stupid leg cramps and restless legs! some nights are better then others at least i get a few hours of sleep at night.. I had one really really strong contractions last night..(i think it was a contraction) it pretty much hurt like heck! i only had it 1 time last night so im not sure if it was thew way i moved, or if i moved to fast or if it actually was a contraction... Little Miss Tori's room is almost done! Pretty much just have to put the decor, and wash her clothes and blankets (today's to-do list) Also...need to get the frontroom back in order so it dosen't look like a contstruction zone, and get her swing and pack and play up! It's just amazing how much stuff this little girl has and she isn't even here yet!! Just wish our new addition to our house would be done..I pretty much would be if some people would put us on there piriority list and not forget about us......ugh..frustrtating...If we get pregnant and have another kid..were either going to A) have to get a new house, or B) this is going to have to be done or C) move in with my mom, what the heck she has enough room..Lol, just kidding!!...Also on my to-do list...finish packing our hospital bags...i have them part done, but should really finish them.. also make sure i have all the insurance info put in my much to do in such little time....anywho...other then that things are going emotions are crazy .
.i think just overwhlemd and being tired everything is just kicking in...... Well i will up date later!! :) here are some pictures of Tori's room (its not done yet) and a belly picture( also she has dropped some)

36 week belly

The countdown....
Tori's awsome crib, from Aunti MeMe and Cousin Blaze

Tori's library 
Thank you Grandma For this cute changing table