Monday, May 13, 2013

34/35 weeks

Nothing much has changed besides me getting very very very un-comfortable..and my emotions are all over the place! I could probably cry at a drop of a dime. I can't sleep much anymore. My hips are killing me like no other i don't know how much more then can grow... Tori is still as active as ever..She loves my ribs..Yeah mommy not so much.. i can do with out the rib kicks! I have came down with a stupid sinus cold and nothing seems to help..hopefully if it dosen't go away my doctor came give me some medication on Thursday. I have a doctors appt on Thursday then again on the 30th then i go weekly!! We are getting closer and closer!! Eeek! How excited.. Im kinda over being pregnant i just want to hold her and love on her..
Leo has been working magic in her room! We have 3 walls painted and i think tonight he will get the last wall painted..Then we have to get the trim, paint them and he will put them up and then goes carpet and then all her fun stuff, her crib and changing table! Im so excited to get her room organized!!!
I have slowly.sorta kinda started packing our hospital bags.. i know im kinda of pushing all this stuff..i hope she doesn't come for another week or two so her room can be done and our bags will be packed... then she will also be full term! :)

I had my 1st offical mothers day..YIPPIE!!! My husband got me a beautiful card and my mother in law got a card also. and i got so many text and emails and facebook comments from people it was so nice!
We went  and got Tori's paint, Leo took me out for lunch and we just spent the day together enjoying each others was really nice!! :)
Can you belive next year she will be almost 1!! crazy to think!!

well other then that not much else is going on.

here is my 35 week picture