Monday, June 4, 2012

well cd 18 and guess what?!?!

haha come on girls you know we all have these days!! lol

Well on Cycle Day showed her face (aka my period) and it will be heavy one day and the nothing the next...i just don't understand my stupid body! So i guess i ovulated and never got a positive opk the doc said that i will probably ovulate on my own again since we had so many follicles so we wait for af to be done and wait, and wait for an positive opk or for my period to arrive again
no treatment this round due to the fact that the follicles are not 100% gone i would have pretty much over stimulated again so my doc wants me to call on CD 35 June 16th i will call my doctor and see what they want us to do... my guess is prov-era bring on yet another period to make sure all the follicles are gone...and start gonal f...however depending on how everything plays out we might have to skip this cycle due that were going on vacation the 1 week in June and will be out of the state for a week ...i dunno we will have to wait and see! hoping for the best but that never seems to work...
hope for the best