Monday, June 4, 2012

my "due" date is coming up **sad**

So my due date would have been june 10th this sunday...i know people very rarely every go on there due dates but thats all i have from my 1st pregnacy..Leo and i would have been parents for our 8 year annv what a blessing that would have been..Sunday is going to be a hard day on me..but i know i will be babies are in a better place and i will meet them someday...hoping leo and i go out and do something on Sunday just to keep my head from going crazy
i hope we get to become parents soon..because this crazy rollercoster is really getting the best of me!!

Two Angels In The Sky

© Wendy Damilowski
Twinkle Twinkle
Big Bright Star

My precious babies
You're not so far

When I am sad and 
feeling so alone

I close my eyes and know
you are in Heaven's home

Everyday my heart aches for you
How do I heal, I don't know what to do?

Why? I just don't understand
Anticipation, love, so many future plans

You were gone before I knew
Each day is a struggle for me
to get through

"Oh My Angels" in the bright blue sky
Mommy and Daddy love you and tears we 
always cry

My babies are now heaven's angels so
blessed and true

Only God knew the plans he had for you