Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome Tori...Our Birth Story...

Ok...where do i start?!? Besides Im a mommy!!!
Tori Michelle was born on June 17th (her actual due date) at 4:13 pm, and was 6lbs 3.5oz and 19 3/4 long

Sunday Leo was busy outside doing some yard work next door (helping out an older couple) and i decided i was going to go outside and clean out my dogs swimming pool and his water buckets so ..i did i tipped over his pool scrubbed it down and filled it up..then took all his water buckets out and cleaned all them..then i realized i was leaking fluid..just thought i have peed myself..nothing major..went in the house cleaned up..and sat inside..still leaking fluid but not much..still thought it just her sitting on my bladder ..welli kept leaking i told Leo..but i still wasn't worried..(or maybe i was just scared ?!?!) ok that was it! I did tell my mom and she told me to call the nurse, i didn't want to..but thank god i did..(you should always listen to your mom ) LOL! The nurse then, had me put a new pad on lay down for 45 min and then call her back and tell her if there was any fluid on the pad..well after 45 min..sure enough there was..So she said i needed to come in to make sure it was my water leaking..Well i call my mom told her we were going her and my grandma got read to head out they were going to meet us at the hospital...I took a shower and Leo made sure everything was in the van..Then off we went.. i was scared, excited, nervous and just wanted to know what was going on... Well Leo and i make it to Labor and Delivery and they check us in..and they have me undress and i put a gown on and then Leo and i are in the room just waiting..waiting and seemed like forever!!!!! Mom and Grandma showed up..and we were still waiting...The doctor finally came in around 11ish..and checked me and then took the test out to see if it my water leaking..well around 1130ish..he comes in and said yep it was i was staying....well i was only dilated to a 3% 75 effaced and still was at a station at a 0 (i think that is were she was station at?!) so...they started me on my antibiotics (i tested positive for group b) and started pitocin and i had a long night we sent Mom and Grandma home (and leo's folks because they came up) and i tried to rest..however..guess what big suprise..My legs started to cramp up, my legs were twitching...i couldn't lay down and relax..i tried i was so so so uncomfortable... so the kind nurse let me walk the room and i walked and walked..well then we could pick up Tori's the nurse and the doc decided to put an internal monitor they did..and that didn't feel very good at all!! it hurt really bad......While i was going threw all this Leo was sleeping!!!!!!! Oh well, he needed so it didn't bother me at all because he was a major help during the parts i needed him! so after that was put in..i walked some more...well then pain started to get worse and worse...yep i was a the pain was going down my legs, and into my hips..and my legs were twitching so bad they were jumping off the bed..and it i decided to get and Epi..and lordy lordy anyone who can do labor with out and epi your truly awesome..because that make a 100% difference..However...........after the Epi was put decided to only work on 1 side of my body!! So i was still in alot of pain on my right side.. and my hip and leg was hurting so bad... between squeezing the red rail and leos hand..i thought my hands were going to break..well they had the anesthesiologist come in..and she had to move my epidural up a little and she gave me 1 very strong dose..and well hello numb body!! it started to work lol!! Well mom and grandma made it up..and so did miss Kadi (our birth photographer) and i slept alot when i could things were still progressing slow.. nothing major..lunch time came and went..still not much progress...well then i started to feel more and more pressure down below..and the nurse checked and i was dilated to a 9 and just had a little cervix next thing i know they are getting everything ready for arrive...calling down for more nurses and then the next thing the doctor came in..checked me and said..well she can start pushing..lord i was so scared thinking i can't do this......well i did..with the wonderful help of my husband and mom pushing my legs, and my grandma fanning me off when i was hot..i was pushing and pushing..but after a few trys i was getting sick..i was very nausea's.. and then i started to get sick..and pushing was hard..i would be able to push twice and i had to give up because i was going to get sick..i was making no progress..and i was ready to cry and give up..but everyone was helping me and cheering me on..and they also gave me some medication that help me with being then all of a sudden i new i could do i pushed and pushed and well..i was making major progress..they tell me to stop pushing (who the heck tells you that) lol!! the doctors came in..took there poky time to get dressed while my daughter was crowing and reading to come out and i wanted to push..then all of a sudden got to push..and i gave it all with the help and support of my family she arrived at 4:13pm!! pushed for 45 min and she was here!! we got to do skin to skin righ away for a very long i cried i was so happy i was so much in love with her..i didn't see anyone elses faces..but i new they were excited and happy and just as much in love with her as i was!!!
After much snuggle time they did her weight she was 6lbs 3.5 oz and was 19 3/4 long she had a head full of hair..shes is a beautiful little girl! Her daddy and I love her so much!! Everything went perfect..i couldn't ask for a better L&D, i couldn' ask for better support for me in my was a great day!!!

Thank you to everyone for all the comments on her pictures and for supporting us and all the kind words!!!
We are home and we love every min of it!!!