Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Alot on my mind...........

I have alot on my mind..its going crazy!!! 
1st off i didn't write a blog about this but..Monday the 10th was my angel baby's due date..the would have been one or almost one.. its so sad...i still think about it and how it was such a hard time for me and how it caused me to go into a depression and how i wanted to be a mommy so bad
... and almost to year i conceived them i found out i was pregnant again. They were truly watching over there mommy & daddy..We are not blessed with a baby girl who is due any day..Her due date is actually only 7 days away from there due date.
I am so blessed to be pregnant with a a little girl and i can't wait to hold her and love her and snuggle her. I can't wait to see her daddy's face when he hold her and see everyone else face. she is loved by so many already.. she is something special! 
I am 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and im un-comfortable and sore and my body is killing me.. Im so ready to meet her. I had a membrane sweep yesterday and  i want nothing more then for it to work. But we shall see..Im try to stay busy (well not at the moment) and keep move to see if that will help, iv had some contractions on and off nothing major..but hopefully thats a start also no appetite..and when i do eat i feel sick or i get sick so im just going to try small meals or just soup..
I also am afraid of im sure im not the only one but..i want to meet her..but i want labor to go good..i just have so many fears but i know everything will be ok.. i will have my wonderful husband, my wonderful mom and grandma in the room there to support me and help me in anyway they can. 
I can't wait to bring Tori home, i hope everything goes well and i hope she loves her home and we all bond as a family..I also have fur babies i love to death to..and i hope they are good with her..and they don't act up and destroy my house or destroy her stuff..because sadly if they are bad we would have to get rid of them and that would make me heartbroken...but my daughter comes 1st...I think my fur babies will do great at least i hope so!! 
Well My bags are packed in the van, and Tori's room is done and all her clothes are washed and blankets are washed...i have been cleaning the house alot..i like my house clean :)

Well im going to go for a walk with the dog :) 
Lets hope Tori' is here by fathers day :)