Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ok.....drumroll please........

Yes ladys!! Were 4 Weeks pregnant tomorrow!! we are very early..i actually got a positive pg test 5 days before i was suppose to test

Thursday my hcg levels were 37
Saturday: hcg levels are 147
doctor is very happy with how things are going

iv had mild cramping..i get very tired and my body gets kinda sore after walking all day...went were on the go from 9am to 3pm and im tired!!!!!!!! i have not been sleeping good..kinda freaking out kinda like everything is so un-real
we were pregnant this time last year and i was bleeing the day after i took a pg test and bleed for non stop for like 3 weeks and it ended in a d&c on Halloween
i feel cramps...this pregnacy all ready feels different then before! Im happy <3 and i have an ultrasound in 3 weeks!! hope and pray that baby bean sticks and keeps growing and growing!!!!!

Due date is June 16th :) 


Jaymie And Robbie said...

congratulations :)im 9 weeks today via IVF. heard the heart beat at 7w6d, most amazing thing every. have my first OB appt on Tuesday (9w3d) and im a nervous wreck. im so afraid things wont go right :( but ive read that once you hear a heart beat around 8 weeks, the chance of a miscarriage go down to about 5%. Keep your head up and dont read into symptoms.ive had none really and things are good so far i suppose!

Teresa Newman said...

Hey!! Congrats to you also!!! Im so scared because were so early!! im trying to stay calm..i think about all the what ifs all the time...this time last year we were pregnant and terrified!! but everything seems to be going smooth so cramps, no tired all the time lol and numbers are good!! i can't wait till my 7 weeks appt! i hope my pregnancy doesn't drag on forever i hope it goes fast!!!

Thanks for the support!! Good luck at your ob appt keep me updated!!

Lake Country Girl said...

I will continue to pray that your baby bean sticks!! Just remember to keep yourself calm and relaxed so that your stress levels aren't high!! You can do it! Thoughts prayers and baby dust to you for a happy and healthy 9 months :)

Megan said...

Congrats!! That's wonderful news Teresa!!! Prayers really work! Cheers to a Happy & Healthy pregnancy, delivery & beyond!