Friday, October 26, 2012

6 weeks 6 days :)

We are almost to our 7th week!! whoop whoop!! how exciting!!
So far everything seems to be going good..No cramping(mild cramping i guess from my body growing, but nothing painfull) no bleeding (a few pink spots but irritation of the cervix from the suppositories  however i freaked out when i seen it i cried..but everything is good! I hope!! :)
I am tired all the time..i don't sleep well! Iv had a few cases of sickness...i can't eat popcorn it makes me bloated for sure..and i pee all the time!! But i will take it all!!! I can't wait until our 1st ultrasound next Tuesday im so excited!! But scrared...This time last year..i found out i was not pregnant the babys never grew i needed a d&c on halloween...but i was bleeding and lots of far this pregnacy seems so much different so im hoping to see a baby on tuesday and maybe see a little heartbeat!! My mom and hubby are both going to my apt im excited to have them there :)

will update on Tuesday :)


Lake Country Girl said...

Thoughts and Prayers that all goes well on Tuesday for you!