Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Todays Doctors Appt!

Hello Everyone! So its been awhile since we have been on a small TTC break!! but we are back on track again today! But we will be doing tonight New!! No more shots until maybe November/December/January thats ONLY if we need it and don't get pregnant..but fingers crossed that we do :) 
So im back on Metformin again 850mg twice a day provera (to bring on my period) and the new medication is femara 2.5 mg on cycle day 3-5 so here is a little timeline

  • Provera for ten days (to bring on period)
  • take metformin morning and night (every day) 
  • femara take on cycle day 3-5
  • then go in and get a ultrasound to check my follicles

if good follicles we will do a trigger shot and have intercourse, and hopefully make a baby or two :) Fingers crossed i feel hopeful..i feel great! iv lost more weight so maybe that will help! eek im exited!! 


Pixie said...

Baby dust to you! Praying this works for you. A bay or 2 would be awesome!