Monday, July 16, 2012

Much needed Vacation!!!

Hello! Its been awhile! TTCing has kinda of slowed down at the moment..Hubby and i went on a much need vacation! We Left on a Friday night and came back that following Sunday so we were gone from July(6th-15)
We did so many fun things
stayed at a casino, won some money..enough to actually pay for our room and food and gas that day :) yep i was pretty happy! Did some sight seeing at Walnut grove(mn) went to pipe stone national monument. went to Sioux falls(that's where we stayed) did alot of hiking! It was fun!
I will go into more details later! But as for now this is going to be short a sweet :)
but I'm back and will pick up blogging again!!
thanks you to all my readers :)


Pixie said...

Glad you had fun on your vacay, getting away always helps. Now rest from your vacation. I also vacation after my vacation before I resume real life again. LOL