Monday, April 9, 2012


Well as  you can all figure out...last month we didn't get a bfp we got a we have decided to take a month or two off from medication to give my body a break..I do have a doctors appt on the 18th to figure out where to go from keep doing what were doing or move up to IUI or try something else...Im ready to be a mom more then anything in this world...I am however sick and tired of all the shots and medication and doctors appt..I won't give up...But its alot of work!! Anywho thats kinda where we are at the moment..I have enjoyed this month off so far..I lost 7lbs gained 4 back...But my goal is to get them 4 off and another 10..i know i can do it...I just need to kick myself in the butt and get going....

On another Note

Went to Illinois and visited my family...brought my best friend Mike with me...We had a fantastic time..I got to meet my half brother Jacob  who is 20 for the 1st time ever...that itself was fantasitc..Also April 1st we were swimming in the was 95!! Crazy huh!! Sad that time went so fast..but enjoyed every min of it..and glade my friend Mike got to meet my family!!!

My Brother Jacob and I

Easter was just celebrated the other day...we had a nice little family cook out..nothing to fancy...and helped my sister Renay move into her aparment...and i spent the night with her...all around pretty good day!!

well hope everyone is doing great!!