Monday, July 8, 2013

3 weeks old

-I like to eat every 3-4 hours
-I drink around 4 oz of formula
-I love taking a bath
-I love being outside
-I don't like my swing
-Im trying to coo

Happy 3 weeks
Our  baby girly will be a moth old next week!!  Where the heck does time go?!? i love being a mommy..shes a great baby..We are dealing with spit up..we will be trying new formula again tomorrow..this is her 3rd hopefully it helps..if not i will be taking her to the doctor and see what she has to say... she is staying awake alot during the day..and she loves her play mat that her grandma got her.  Tori had her 1st holiday **Happy 4th of July** she looked so cute in her outfit that her daddy got her.. We spent the day at grandma/grandpa house..spent the day outside with the family.and she got lots of snuggles, from grandma and great grandma and grandpa.. Blaze loves her and Colton is starting to warm up to her..its so cute watching the boys with her.. i love it..she is loved!!
Tori went to her 1st zoo trip, with mommy, aunti Nay, and cousin colton..and she slept pretty much the whole time.. haha...

1st 4th of July

1st 4th of july

1st zoo trip

1st zoo trip