Friday, February 22, 2013

22 & 23 weeks pregnant

I have been slacking on blogging
Life has still been pretty busy...Been hanging out with the family alot and spending time at my moms..and then when im home im trying to clean, and organize and sleep...sleep is hit and miss sometimes...i get up every 2-3 hrs to pretty sure she things my bladder is a trampoline at night..

Not much has changed besides im growing, growing growing..
Iv been having some trouble with food..and gastric bypass...Not a fan of meat...and if i find something i do like..and i eat to much i get sick...i need to eat slower...i also need to get protein bars...I also need to get away from the junk food... i have been craving it soo bad! Its horrible...
Mom and i went and did 1 or the 2 baby registry's we did the 1st one at babies r us...doing a baby registry is stress wanna put the stuff you want for your baby but you don't want to look greedy...i mean we have pretty much nothing for Tori... we do have some clothes we have bought and cloth diapers, and a crib (thanks to my sister) and tomorrow we are picking up her slowly we are getting some of the bigger items.. im kinda excited about garage sale season wish it was here the time it comes im going to be 7-8 months pregnant and going to be to flippen tired to get in and out and in and out of the cars...Our next big purchase will be a new vehicle..nothing fancy but something with ac, and heat and will run...i want a van..hopefully soon we can get in major need of a vehicle!!
Tori is one very very active little girl...she dosen't move much during the day..but lordy lordy when 9pm comes around she is doing flip flops and kung fu...pretty much 9-11pm is her awake time..and 6am-9am shes awake alot also..i love love watching her move..and feeling her move..its pretty awsome!!
well here are some belly shots

22 weeks 4 days

23 weeks