Monday, January 14, 2013

18 weeks

Hello 18 week!!
Only a few more weeks till im half way threw my pregnancy!! Wow..time is actually sorta kinda going fast now that im in my 2nd trimester!

I do get energy in the morning and i try to do as much as i can...Dishes, laundry, cleaning, errands...ect..
But buy 3pm im tired and ready to relax... Sometimes its hard to make dinner because im tired...but i really try to make dinner every night...even thought most of the time i end up eating something else...weird...i know!!

I was sick energy, headache, tired..just felt yucky! Today im feeling better...but still going to take it throat is sore and im still tired...but so far no headache and i have my appetite back and i can manage to drink water with out gagging!!

This week is our.................(gender) ultrasound however we won't find out till Saturday at our gender reveal party! I am so so so excited!  Im thinking girl! But we shall see :)

I really don't care as long as baby is healthy! It still is so un-real that were pregnant, 18 weeks pregnant!! eeeek! Im so ready to start decorating my nursery...however my new addition needs to get done 1st..but they are coming along quit well on it! so maybe another month or so and we can start!!

Pregnancy 18 week questions

How far along: 18 weeks
How big is baby: Size of sweet potatoe
Total weight gain:  7-9ish pounds
Maternity clothes:  For sure.
Sleep:  ehh some days are better then others..i get up to pee alot!!
Best moment of the week: going to dinner with my hubby (grand it i got sick that night) but just being with him and talking with nice!
Food cravings: icecream (yep if you know me...i hate icecream)
Food aversions: meat
Symptoms:  tired, growing pains, boobs hurt
Movement:  Yep a little at night..
Gender:  We shall find out on Saturday!!
What I’m looking forward to:  Thursdays Ultrasound, and Saturdays Gender party!
What I miss:  warm weather!
Next appt:  Jan 17th!