Sunday, November 4, 2012

being pregnant is scary...

8 weeks tomorrow and being pregnant is scary!!!!!!!!!
every thing i worry about..every little pain or mild cramp or belly ach..when im sure/or/at least its just growing pains! when you something so bad you worry and worry!!  i wish i didn't have to wait till December 3rd to go back to the doctor but...thats how it is i guess...a waiting game!
My body is growing 8 weeks!! and if you know me i freak out about gaining weight after loosing 120lbs and gaining weight is scary!! I still on weight restriction..i can't life much more then 25lbs more then a few times a day...and if i walk more then half hour i start life has been kinda crummy lately..My family is doing an awesome job with supporting me anyway they can!! Im so thankful for that!

nausea seems to hit me whenever it wants today...ate breakfast went to fleet farm to go shopping and i had to throw up...yes i hate throwing up in public places...but i had to!

peeing...when they say your pregnant and you pee thats soo true!! im up a few times every night peeing..remind you i do drink a bunch of water during the day and evening

and my boobs are

I am very blessed to have baby newman...but being pregnant is hard!! :(
Can't wait to meet baby :)


Jaymie And Robbie said...

yay! so glad things are going well for you! I still am very aware of every pinch, pull, 13 weeks now, and know that things are growing very fast, so i associate most of it to that. its a crazy experience but so amazing :)

Megan said...

Those worries never see to go away either - I'm 26 weeks tomorrow and I still freak out everytime I don't feel movement as often as I think I should or if I start to get a pain in my uterus and what not. I won't honestly stop worrying until he is here and healthy! I can't believe you're already 8 weeks! 14 weeks will be here before you know it - then 20 - then 30 then 40! This is such a great ride, buckle up and enjoy it! :)