Friday, June 29, 2012

A NICE long Break!!

Well ladys and Gents...Nothing to new going on...We are on a TTC break for now..I have a doc appt July 24th to talk about doing IUI treatments in Aug..Im excited, very excited!! I hope it works the first time..please keep us in your prayers as we will need them!! After that appt i will write another blog and let everyone know what the next step for us is going to be :)
As for now im relaxing and loving life... no medications!!! No feeling depressed or sad because i yet again got another bfn...Iv felt great! Not really doing the whole weight loss thing.just watching everything i eat and exercise...if i don't drop another 12lbs...thats still down well over a hundred pounds and happy!!

Well lets talk about a crazy topic PCOS AND HAIR!!! if you have pcos, girl you know what im talking every place it shouldn't be and it makes you feel like a man..and makes you depressed!! I would Give anything to not have this was horrible in high school and jr when i got picked on...So yesterday i got my face wax...did it hurt yes....did it take away alot of the hair yes..did my face break out from i pleased with the results...sure...i will be doing 1 more session on sat to get some more waxing done..i know this will help thin the hair grown and slow it excited....just wish it didn't make my face break out..but heck i can cover that up with some makeup..anyone who has pcos and has this problem knows how it makes us feel...and that its one of the worst side affects of pcos..other then infertility..and thats just as bad!

Leo and i are going away next weekend (7th july) for a much needed couples vacation trip, we are going to sioux falls, sd! there is so much stuff we wanna just excited to have my husband to myself for over a week!! just him and i working, no house cleaning, no walking the dogs...sleep till we want to get up..go to bed when we fee like it haha..ok i all ready do that..but he wakes up pretty early!

but other then that..same ol same ol!!